About Us


In 2014, the Brown family launched Impact Coffee within the premises of Jeff & Anja's inaugural venture, The Perfect Edge, a bespoke frame shop. As Impact's popularity surged, it quickly outgrew its humble beginnings in the cozy 15-seat café. The Perfect Edge gracefully made room for Impact's first expansion by relocating nearby.

In a remarkable leap forward, owners Jeff and Sean embarked on their most ambitious endeavor in the summer of 2019. They undertook the renovation of a historic landmark in Decorah, once the longstanding home of JC Penny's for over a century. This transformation marked a significant milestone as Impact Coffee's roastery transitioned from Jeff's garage to this iconic space. Alongside, the coffee bar underwent a remarkable evolution, now boasting an expanded menu featuring a delightful array of craft cocktails, beer, and wine. As they embark on year 10 Sean is now sole owner with his wife, Annika. 

From its modest origins within a frame shop, Impact Coffee has emerged as a titan in the Iowa coffee scene, proudly holding the title of the state's largest coffee shop.